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Jessica Barensfeld Adornment is all Bespoke - each piece handmade in our Brooklyn studio for your order.
We require 2-3 weeks to make your piece(s) and it takes about 1 week to ship depending on where you are.

We DO SHIP INTERNATIONAL via USPS (only sorry no exception) and the cost is as follows:

US: $10 USD

We DO NOT do returns our exchanges so PLEASE make sure you like it before ordering!

We Do HAVE A REPAIR POLICY: All repairs are free of charge for 3 months after your purchase.

JEWELRY CARE: We recommend you try and keep all jewelry away from water and perspiration. This is especially true for any piece that has fabric elements and Vermeil jewelry. It should be a golden rule for all your jewelry unless it is gold (has a lower reaction rate to the elements and is less likely to tarnish etc.) This can be difficult as we are busy and on the move but it will most certainly prolong the good-lookin' life your adornment!
Keep all jewelry far away from hot tubs & pools. Chlorine is a jewelry killer!

After time all jewelry is susceptible to tarnishing. These are the easy at home ways we recommend cleaning your jewelry:

BRASS/Silver: Old tooth brush soap and water, polishing cloth, metal polish (most houshold products will do with and old rag - then wash off excess with warm water.

Vermeil: Polishing Cloth only!

Gold: Any or all of the above.

Please direct any other Q's to:

Thank-you!! xx, Jessie & Team.